Digital art

I created this graphic for the cover art for Beatrex Quntanna’s annual workbook, Living by the Light of the Moon. The themes this particular year were all about victory and acceleration into the future—celebration, goals, vision, innovation, and new beginnings. 

When I was busy trying not to meditate on what should go on the cover because I was driving at the time, the name Nike sprang to mind—no, not the shoe! I thought to myself, oh yeah, she’s like the goddess of speed or something, isn’t she?

I did a little research when I got home, and discovered she would indeed be an appropriate subject. Nike is the Greek Goddess of Victory, sometimes called Winged Victory. Depicted with one of her symbols, the laurel wreath, she was honored at the Olympic Games in Ancient Greece, and is still pictured on the Olympic metals awarded today. She is also “The Flying Lady” decorating the hood of every Rolls Royce automobile. 

The next day, a documentary comes on while I’m watching television, all about owls and how quickly and proficiently they can swoop in and hit their intended target. Inspired by their grace and speed, I immediately knew I’d be modeling her wings after owl wings! After Beatrex wrote a statement about accelerating our knowledge beyond what we imagined possible, the owl, a symbol of knowledge, seemed all the more appropriate.

I had started out thinking I would paint Nike soaring through the cosmos in long, flowing robes. But as I pieced together a composition to show Beatrex my idea for her approval, I really fell in love with the flying lady you see here, yellow crop top, rolled-up blue jeans, et al. She comes from a part of a stock photo I edited, embellished on, and reimagined in this layout. Beatrex said, “of course, this year will be all about updating ourselves!” Confirmation that I was definitely on the right track with the art.



8.5×11 digital art and collage


I created the whole book design and all the graphic art for Beatrex Quntanna’s Living by the Light of the Moon as well as the layout for the companion Moon Book Calendar.