Belly Dancers

A study in movement and motion

I have a lot of stills and video of my performances as a belly dancer in years past, and I was looking for subject matter with which to practice my painting skills. This subject really lends itself to my continuing study of the human form as well as my search for capturing movement and motion in a painting. Dance has been my “medicine”, but I have physically been unable to practice and perform as I used to. Through the process of this study—which I hope is the beginning of further work—I realized I can open new doors with art and creativity, and that painting can allow me to transcend the physical and access and explore old passions in new ways.

It amuses me that I’m showing this piece—because we all come with contradictions, and because I’m really not crazy about headless or faceless women in art! I’m ready for a new paradigm where women have voices and power of presence as a whole person. This was right before my one woman art show, and part of me was thinking I wasn’t ever going to show this because it was an experiment, and part of me was thinking if I do show it I don’t have time to get informed consent from my models if they are recognizable. But I’m quite pleased with how it turned out!  


12×9 acrylic painting on canvas